My current research emphasis and expertise is on Smart/Intelligent Cities Design and Development. In particular, Ι deal with: intelligent city strategies and applications; planning for intelligent sectors and districts; web platforms for collective intelligence, technology transfer, collaborative new product development, digital marketplaces; smart innovation ecosystems; user-driven innovation ecosystems; living labs; Internet of things and future Internet technologies.

My current Smart City project, STORM CLOUDS, aims at deeply exploring how the needed shift by Public Authorities to a cloud-based paradigm in service provisioning should be addressed, mainly from the point of view of the end-users, and taking full advantage of edge ICT. The project will define useful guidelines on how to address the process in order to accelerate it, for Public Authorities and policy makers. These guidelines will be prepared based on direct experimentation in 4 European cities, Águeda (PT), Manchester (UK), Valladolid (ES) and Thessaloniki (GR) creating a set of relevant use cases and best practices.

Since 1992 I have participated in more than 30 research projects funded by European Commission or the Greek Government.