Since 1992 I have participated in more than 30 research projects funded by the European Commission or the Greek Government. These projects deal with intelligent cities, smart cities, innovation systems, regional innovation strategies, innovation clusters development and multimedia systems.

  1. AUGMENTED CCAM: Augmenting and Evaluating the Physical and Digital Infrastructure for CCAM Deployment, (2022-2025), European Commission – HORIZON-CL5-2021-D6-01. The project aims to understand, harmonise and evaluate, in an augmented manner, adapted and novel support solutions of Physical, Digital and Communication (PDI) infrastructure, to advance its readiness for large-scale deployment of CCAM solutions for all.
  2. CHRONICLE: Building Performance Digitalisation and Dynamic Logbooks for Future Value-Driven Services, (2022-2025), European Commission – HORIZON-CL5-2021-D4-01. The project delivers a holistic, life-cycle performance assessment framework and tool-suite for different building variants, supporting sustainable design, construction and/or efficient renovation and investment decision-making.
  3. CREAMARE: Linking creativity, culture and media technologies in the transnational coproduction of digital interactive products for the communication of maritime and underwater cultural heritage (2022-2025), European Commission – CREA-CULT-2021-COOP.
  4. IRIS: Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities, (2017-2022), European Commission – H2020-SCC-2016-2017. The project is a collective of seven cities working to make urban environments better places for citizens and the planet. The cities test innovative solutions, viable mainstream technologies and explore the products, policies and social engagement methods to make being sustainable an easy choice for everyone.
  5. POCITYF: A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework, (2019-2024), European Commission – H2020-LC-SC3-2019-ES-SCC. The project helps historical cities to become greener, smarter and more livable while respecting their cultural heritage. By implementing and testing Positive Energy District in its cities, POCITYF will support Europe in the race to become the first Carbon Neutral Continent by 2050
  6. NESOI: New Energy Solutions Optimized for Islands, (2019-2014), European Commission – H2020-LC-SC3-2018-2019-2020. The project sets up a physical and digital platform to provide technical assistance to local authorities and communities for obtaining funding and competencies to deploy investments required to realise the islands’ energy transition plans.
  7. Intelligent Cities Challenge, (2020-2022), European Commission, EISMEA. A European Commission initiative bringing together 136 cities to achieve intelligent, socially responsible and sustainable growth through advanced technologies.
  8. Digital Cities Challenge (2017-2019), European Commission, EASME. A European Commission initiative to help 41 European cities to reap the benefits of advanced technologies, develop comprehensive strategies and thriving ecosystems and achieve smart and sustainable growth.
  9. ONLINE-S3: ONLINE Platform for Smart Specialisation Policy Advice, (2016-2018), European Commission – H2020-ISSI-4-2015
  10. STORM CLOUDS: Surfing towards the opportunity of real migration to cloud-based public services, (2014 – 2017) European Commission – CIP-ICT-PSP-2009
  11. Apps for Thessaloniki – Tourism Edition: 2nd Apps Contest for the City of Thessaloniki (2015-2016), Municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece
  12. Thessaloniki Hackathon: 1st Smart City Hackathon in Thessaloniki (2014), Municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece
  13. Apps for Thessaloniki: 1st Apps Contest for the City of Thessaloniki (2013-2014), Municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece
  14. Development of Web 2.0 content management system to underpin the regional innovation ecosystems of Belarus and Ukraine Universities (2013 – 2014), University of Bradford, School of Management
  15. Innovation Laboratories: Open innovation learning platform & action research (2012 – 2014), European Commission – TEMPUS IV
  16. PEOPLE: Pilot smart urban ecosystems leveraging open innovation for promoting and enabling future e-services (2010 – 2013), European Commission – CIP-ICT-PSP.2010.4.1
  17. FIREBALL: Future internet research and experimentation by adopting living labs – towards smart cities (2010 – 2012), European Commission – FP7 Objective ICT-2009 1.6 Future Internet experimental facility and experimentally-driven research
  18. MEDLAB: Mediterranean living lab for territorial innovation – INNO SME networks pilot action  (2010 – 2011), Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia
  19. HES e-toolkit: Excellence in energy efficiency for the tourism industry: online toolkit (2010 – 2011), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  20. INTERVALUE: Inter-regional cooperation for the valorisation of research results (2009 – 2011), European Commission – South-East Europe Programme
  21. Intelligent Thessaloniki: design of integrated project, opc 2007-13 (2008), Greek Ministry of Development, General Secretariat of Industry
  22. Open platform for digital cities – application in the city of Thermi (2007 – 2008), Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology
  23. Regional innovation pole of Thessaly – evaluation (2008), Greek National Centre for Research and Development of Thessaly
  24. MEDI-CUBE: Mediterranean technology intensive incubators (2006 – 2007), European Commission – INTERREG Archimede
  25. Implementing innovation strategies – project concept of innovation website – Prague (2007), Logotech SA
  26. SUPER-SME: Supporting potential and existing research intensive SMEs (2006 – 2008), European Commission – FP6 –KNOWREG 2
  27. FUTURREG: Futures for regional development (2005 – 2007), European Commission –  Interreg IIIC – West Zone
  28. STRATINC: Strategic intelligence in innovative clusters (2004 – 2006), European Commission INTERREG ΙΙΙC
  29. ISTOS: Digital Aegean (2004 – 2005), European Commission, DG Regio – ERDF Innovative Actions 2000-2006 – Region of South Aegean
  30. METAFORESIGHT (2004 – 2005), European Commission – DG Research, Regions of Knowledge Programme
  31. Digital Research Centre, Central Macedonia (2003 – 2005) European Commission, DG Regio, ERDF Innovative Actions
  32. Go-Online: Supporting SME in the Digital Economy (2001-2004) Greek Ministry of Development
  33. Digital innovation centre, Thessaly (2002 – 2003) European Commission, DG Regio, ERDF Innovative Actions, Region of Thessaly, Regional Development Fund
  34. Regional documentation centre, Thessaly (2002 – 2003) European Commission, DG Regio, ERDF Innovative Actions, Region of Thessaly, Regional Development Fund
  35. VERITE: Virtual environment for regional innovation technologies (2002 – 2004) European Commission Programme “Promotion of Innovation and encouragement of SME Participation”
  36. ONLI: on-line innovation (2000 – 2002) European Commission, DG Enterprise, Innovation Programme
  37. INNOREGIO: Dissemination of innovation technologies in c. Macedonia (1999 – 2003) European Commission, DG Regio, RECITE II
  38. Training of architects in the 21st century – restructuring of curriculum and new teaching, learning and communication means in the School of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1998-2000) Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training
  39. Development of multimedia system for the Telecommunications Museum of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (1998-1999)
  40. Thracian Electronic Thesaurus: Development of a multimedia system and a distributed database (1996-1998) Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology, EPET II
  41. Multimedia CD-ROMs and on-line kiosks for the Technical Museum of Thessaloniki (1995-1997) Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology
  42. EUROFORM: Community initiative concerning new qualifications, new skills and new employment opportunities (1992-1993) European Commission